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How it works

At TwoMargins you can annotate SEC fillings and discuss them with other investors, journalists, and experts.

Tap into the wisdom of the crowd.

To add your note, select any text in the document and click "Add note".

Add note

Type in your note (at the top of the right sidebar) and click "Post". Your note will now be visible to everyone who views the document.

Add note2

You can also share your note on Twitter (you'll be able to edit your Tweet before sharing it).

Post twitter

All notes are shown in the right sidebar, and their locations are highlighted in the document.

Click on any note to post a reply.

Post reply

You can upvote any note, and "Share" allows you to Tweet a note, get a permalink to note, and even embed a note in your blog or website.


Thanks for using Two Margins

The content provided on Two Margins is for information purposes only and does not constitute investment and/or legal advice. Crypto currencies are highly volatile, risky assets and no information on this site, whether generated by Two Margins or external contributors, is a substitute for your own research. Full Risk Disclosure and Disclaimer here.